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Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6931
The social worker develops and implements suicide assessment tools and trains VA staff on effective procedures when dealing with a suicidal veteran. The social worker's primary focus is educating staff, veterans, family members, and the community that "Suicide is Everybody's Responsibility"

Spinal Cord Injury Coordinator
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6434
The social worker is a member of a multidisciplinary team proving medical, social, and education to best assist the veteran with a spinal cord injury.

Military Sexual Trauma Coordinator
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6468
Sexual trauma can include harassment or assault. The VA provides priority counseling and treatment for veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma.

POW Coordinator
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6672
Social worker assists ex-POW's apply for benefits in regards to their POW experiences.

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Primary Care
Tel. (603) 624-4366 X6672
Social Worker provides crisis intervention: psychosocial assessment, clinical diagnostic formulations, psychotherapeutic treatment planning within a multidisciplinary team.

Home Based Primary Care
Tel. (603)624-4366 x6657
Social Worker coordinates services to homebound veterans.

Adult Day Healthcare
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6672
Social Workers assess cognition of the Veterans and the family to locate supportive resources in their community.

Contracted Nursing Home Programs
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6434
Social Worker acts as a bridge between the VA and the community nursing home for the veteran and the veteran's families. Monitor. On a monthly basis, VA contracted long term care facilities.

Community Living Center
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6037
Veterans with chronic stable conditions including dementia, those requiring rehabilitation, respite or short term specialized services or those who need care at the need of life are served in the CLC.

Health Care for Homeless Veterans
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6041
The core of the HCHV program is the outreach component, in which social workers provide services in the larger community in coordination with both the VA and Non-VA organizations.

Transitional Housing ~ Grant and Per Diem
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6041
The transitional housing program is a collaborative Grant and Per Diem project between the VA and a community provider. It is a two year program for homeless veterans that have no or minimal income.

VASH Program Manager
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6883
VASH is a joint venture with HUD which administers a supported housing program for homeless veterans and their families. Veterans who qualify receive a housing voucher that assists with rent along with 5 years of intensive Case Management by the VASH Case Manager.

Outpatient Mental Health
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6825
Social Workers provide individual and group therapy to veterans on an outpatient basis. Case management is available if needed. OEF/OIF ~ Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6932
Social Worker Point of Contact meets with newly returning combat veterans to provide assistance in navigating the VA System.

Poly Trauma
Tel. (603) 624-4366 x6455
The Poly trauma Program offers assessment and treatment to veterans who may suffer from multiple physical, cognitive, psychosocial, psychosocial impairments and/or functional disabilities as a result of trauma.

Substance Abuse Day Program
Tel. (603)624-4366
Social Workers work in a multidisciplinary team to conduct family meetings, facilitate groups, assist with locating resources and referring veterans to VA programs and community resources.

Social Work Services 
Provided by the VA Medical Center